5 Key Areas Where WWE 2K23 Raises the Bar for Wrestling Games


WWE 2K23 has arrived with a bang, surpassing all expectations and delivering a gaming experience that wrestling fans have been longing for. With its impressive roster, stunning graphics, and a wide range of game modes, 2K23 offers an unparalleled level of excitement. Let’s delve into the five major improvements that have taken this game to new heights.

1. Revamped Showcase Mode: A Fresh Take on Wrestling Legends

Showcase mode has often received mixed reviews in previous WWE2K games. However, 2K23 brings a refreshing twist to this mode. Players can now relive the legendary rivalries of John Cena, taking control of iconic opponents like Brock Lesnar and Triple H. While some repetitive elements remain, the change of perspective breathes new life into Showcase mode, making it a more enjoyable experience.

2. Wargames: Adrenaline-Fueled Mayhem in the Steel Cage

A thrilling addition to the series, Wargames introduces a multiplayer competition featuring intense 3v3 or 4v4 matches. Set within a steel cage, players enter the arena at different intervals, creating a suspenseful atmosphere reminiscent of the Elimination Chamber. The inclusion of weapons adds an extra layer of excitement, while the release intervals based on in-game performance keep the matches dynamic and engaging.

3. MyGM Mode Enhancements: A Manager’s Dream Come True

While not quite reaching the complexity of Football Manager, MyGM mode provides an engaging management simulation experience. Building on its predecessor, 2K23 introduces several small but impactful changes that make the mode more intuitive and enjoyable. The addition of an assistant GM streamlines the process of booking shows, eliminating the need for tedious backtracking. Moreover, players now have the ultimate goal of being inducted into the Hall of Fame, providing a more compelling long-term objective.

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4. Expanded Content in MyGM Mode: Unleash Your Creativity

Compared to its bare-bones predecessor, MyGM in WWE2K23 offers a wealth of new possibilities for show booking. Players now have the freedom to shape their shows according to their vision, including the ability to book mid-card title matches and access a wider roster of general managers. With more match types and additional content, the mode becomes a playground for creativity, injecting a fresh dose of excitement into the game.

5. MyRise: Forge Your Path to Superstardom

MyRise has always been a cornerstone of the WWE 2K series, and 2K23 takes it to the next level. The inclusion of a story to guide their custom characters through the ranks of the WWE. Unlike previous installments, any custom character can now be used in MyRise, offering greater flexibility and personalization. Enhanced graphics, a captivating storyline, and reduced repetition elevate MyRise to new heights, solidifying it as a standout game mode.

WWE 2K23 is now available on multiple platforms, including PC, X|S, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4. Get ready to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of professional wrestling, where you can create legendary rivalries, conquer the steel cage, and rise to superstardom. Don’t miss out on the action!

Note: This article was written by Owen Gower, a seasoned journalist with expertise in the world of wrestling games. With a deep understanding of the industry, Owen brings you valuable insights and insider tips to enhance your gaming experience.

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