A Gripping Twist in the Soulslike Universe: Wo Long – Fallen Dynasty


A dynamic, electrifying addition to Koei Tecmo’s pantheon, ‘Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’, embraces the Soulslike genre with a captivating twist.

Breath of Fresh Air in Soulslike Genre

‘Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’ is no mere retread of its older sibling, Nioh. Although it shares some similarities, it charts its own course in the war-torn landscapes of ancient China, brimming with demonic adversaries. The journey begins with a customized main character, armed with meticulously chosen gear, embarking on a series of campaign and side missions. The game impresses with its immersive, rewarding combat mechanics and adrenaline-pumping end bosses.

Redefining Combat – The Spirit System

Standing distinct from the Nioh series’ balanced offense-defense approach, Wo Long introduces a flashier, fast-paced combat, rewarding aggression. The innovative ‘Spirit’ stamina system revolutionizes combat dynamics. Players accumulate Spirit by damaging opponents or deflecting their attacks. Conversely, missing attacks or incurring damage depletes Spirit, impacting the ability to cast spells or execute heavier attacks. The Spirit system adds an intriguing layer of strategy to the gameplay, providing a thrilling twist to the Soulslike genre.

The Morale Factor – Power of Positivity

A unique feature of Wo Long is the ‘morale rankings’. Higher morale equates to increased damage output, unlocking certain special abilities. Morale can be increased by defeating demons or landing specialty attacks, but excessive damage or death can significantly lower it. Hidden battle flags throughout missions, when claimed, bolster your minimum morale rank, serving as a safety net during challenging encounters.

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Kinks in the Armor – Room for Improvement

Despite its compelling gameplay mechanics and refreshing take on the genre, ‘Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’ occasionally falls short of its predecessor’s quality. Some players may find the weapon and armor options less captivating compared to Team Ninja’s previous titles. Furthermore, the difficulty curve, particularly the first boss’s formidable challenge, could be daunting for some gamers.

In Summary

‘Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’ is an intriguing spin on the Soulslike genre by Team Ninja, introducing innovative gameplay mechanics and an intriguing new setting. With a blend of thrilling action and a vibrant touch of Chinese history, it offers a distinct flavor in Koei Tecmo’s portfolio. With a few rough edges to polish, we look forward to seeing what potential sequels will bring to this new franchise.

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