Can XDefiant’s Battle Royale Mode Buck the Trend?

A new star on the FPS horizon, XDefiant, provokes speculation about the inclusion of a Battle Royale mode. Ubisoft puts rumors to rest.

By: Owen Gower

Ubisoft’s XDefiant: No Kid on the FPS Block

The newest arrival in the First-Person Shooter (FPS) gaming sphere, XDefiant, developed by , is already making waves with an impressive count of over a million players during its closed beta phase. Its sights are firmly set on wrestling the crown from established titans like . The overall feedback so far from the gaming community, especially the Call of Duty cohort, has been decidedly positive.

To Royale or not to Royale

A pertinent question has emerged amongst the gaming enthusiasts: Will XDefiant follow the successful path carved by Call of Duty’s Warzone by including a Battle Royale mode in its full release? Let’s shed some light on XDefiant’s potential Battle Royale mode.

Game Developers Put the Speculation to Rest

Developers of XDefiant have categorically stated that a Battle Royale mode is not on the cards for the launch of the game. The statement further suggests no imminent plans to introduce such a mode in the future.

A Sole Focus on Building a Robust Arena Shooter

Mark Rubin, the Executive Producer at Ubisoft, in a tweet, affirmed their dedication towards crafting a remarkable multiplayer FPS game, XDefiant. The focus is specifically on developing a ‘fun arena shooter’, and there’s no room for a Battle Royale mode. Rubin assured fans that their work doesn’t end with the launch; they will continually strive to enhance the game.

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In Rubin’s words: “*The team and I at #Ubisoft are making a multiplayer FPS called #XDefiant. We are solely focused on making a great and fun arena shooter. No BR. And we’re not moving on to a new game after this. We are going to keep making this game better and better! That is all.*”

Though the Battle Royale mode is ruled out for XDefiant, Rubin’s tweet subtly suggests that the developers are geared up to explore other game modes outside of the Battle Royale genre. Game modes such as Search and Destroy and Cyber Attack are possible future additions.

Stay tuned for more updates on the exciting world of Esports and Gaming.

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