Coming Soon: New Fighters Joining EA UFC 4 in Update 24.00 on May 4th


A fresh update is coming to EA’s popular fighting game, UFC 4, on May 4. This update, known as 24.00, is set to introduce new fighters into the roster, adding more depth and variety to the game. With these latest additions, players can expect to enjoy new challenges and diverse fighting styles.

New Fighters on the Roster

The UFC 4 update 24.00 is bringing two new fighters into the mix. The first fighter is Ciryl Gane, a promising Heavyweight fighter known for his impressive striking skills and agility. The second is Rob Font, a Bantamweight fighter renowned for his boxing prowess. Both these fighters bring unique styles to the game, promising exciting new gameplay opportunities.

Impact on Gameplay Dynamics

The addition of these fighters is expected to shake up the gameplay dynamics of UFC 4. Gane’s striking skills and Font’s boxing techniques will challenge players to adapt and develop new strategies. This could potentially lead to more diverse and exciting matches, offering fresh challenges for seasoned players and newcomers alike.

EA’s Commitment to Updates

This latest update reaffirms EA’s commitment to keep UFC 4 fresh and engaging. The company has consistently rolled out updates to improve gameplay, introduce new features, and add new fighters. This .

Fan Reactions

Initial reactions to the announcement have been largely positive. Fans of the game are excited about the addition of Gane and Font, and are eager to try out their unique fighting styles. This update seems to have rekindled interest in the game, with many players expressing their anticipation on various gaming forums and social media platforms.

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The upcoming EA UFC 4 update 24.00 promises to bring a new level of excitement and variety to the game. With the addition of Ciryl Gane and Rob Font, players can look forward to new challenges and more diverse gameplay. As EA continues to roll out updates, UFC 4 remains a vibrant and evolving game that keeps its players engaged and entertained.

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