Exciting Update Enhances Gaming Experience of Revamped Classic RPG ‘Pentiment’


The acclaimed role-playing game (RPG) ‘Pentiment’, is turning heads once again as Obsidian Entertainment rolls out a major update. Enhancing gameplay and broadening reach, the new update takes this hit RPG to a whole new level. It promises a more immersive experience for users around the globe, bolstering its position as one of the best games in recent years.

Owen Gower, an expert gaming journalist, delves into the details.

New Localizations: Pentiment Embraces the World

The update, known as 1.2, is noteworthy for its linguistic expansion. It includes localizations for multiple languages such as Russian, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese, effectively up to millions of additional players worldwide.

Outer Farms: A Fresh Adventure Awaits

The update introduces ‘Outer Farms’, an enthralling new area packed with additional non-player characters (NPCs). This means more interactions and a deeper dive into the rich lore of the Pentiment world.

Bug Fixes and Modding Capabilities: Smoother, Customizable Gaming

Along with resolving pesky bugs across all platforms, update 1.2 empowers PC gamers with the ability to modify in-game text and add localization mods. The developers hint at a larger patch download size due to optimized game resources, promising an even smoother gaming experience.

Pentiment’s Past Success and Obsidian’s Future Plans

Since its launch, Pentiment has been recognized as one of the top games of 2022, securing an impressive 86 Metascore for its Xbox Series X|S version. As one of the five best Xbox exclusives of 2022, it’s earned rave reviews for its compelling story and characters.


Obsidian Entertainment isn’t resting on its laurels. The developer is currently working on exciting projects like ‘Avowed’ and ‘The 2′, all while continuously improving the survival game ‘Grounded. With the recent update, the universally accessible and much-loved RPG ‘Pentiment’ keeps getting better, solidifying Obsidian’s reputation in the gaming industry. If you haven’t jumped on the ‘Pentiment’ bandwagon yet, now is the perfect time.

Update at 3:08 - 31/07/2023
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