Final Major Update: Relics of Chaos Released by Monster Sanctuary


As the dust settles on the popular game Monster Sanctuary, players across the globe are reveling in the major new changes and features introduced by the final update, titled Relics of Chaos. A project of Moi Rai Games and Team17, Monster Sanctuary takes the best of monster taming and metroidvania, combining them into an unforgettable pixelated side-scroller world. The final update doesn’t hold back, introducing a new game mode, quality of life improvements, and more to leave players with an even better gaming experience.

1. A New Way to Play: Relics of Chaos Game Mode

The Relics of Chaos update debuts a new game mode that significantly alters the gameplay. Players can find and use 39 unique relics, each introducing a different twist. These powerful tools are not without their pitfalls, making the gameplay even more thrilling.

2. Enhanced Gaming Experience

Along with the new game mode, the update also brings a handful of quality-of-life enhancements. These range from a fresh option to take back recently assigned skill points to better savefile management options and more. , and a new NPC allows rewatching of the final cutscene.

3. Augmented In-Game Interactions

Other improvements aim at boosting in-game interactions. Now you can use Smoke Bomb directly from the skill selection menu in combat. An option to remove flashes has been added, and inspecting your monsters now includes crit chance and crit damage.

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4. Looking to the Future: Aethermancer

With the culmination of the Monster Sanctuary updates, the project: Aethermancer. Promising the same native Linux support, this upcoming game is already generating buzz in the gaming community.

The last update to Monster Sanctuary marks the end of a significant chapter for Moi Rai Games and Team17, but as they venture into their next project, fans can look forward to the same dedication and innovation that they’ve come to expect. 

With the Monster Sanctuary chapter closed, we eagerly anticipate the next saga. Will you join us in Aethermancer?

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