Football Manager 2023: Unlocking Possession Mastery with Top Tactics


The art of controlling the game’s flow in is here for you to master. In the world of virtual football, controlling possession is often key to securing a victory. KeenGamer’s latest guide on best tactics for possession provides insights and strategies to dominate the game.

By: Owen Gower

Understanding the Game’s Dynamics

Football Manager 2023 is an intricate game where each decision can drastically influence the match’s outcome. Understanding the game’s dynamics is essential to control the field. The guide explains how maintaining possession can impact the game flow, providing players with more chances and limiting the opponents’ opportunities.

Formation: The Backbone of Possession

focuses on the importance of formation in controlling possession. The 4-3-3 formation, popular among possession-focused teams, is ideal for maintaining control over the game. It emphasizes the use of a defensive midfielder, providing an extra layer of security while facilitating ball circulation across the pitch.

Player Roles and Tactics

Choosing the right roles for your players is equally important. In a possession-oriented approach, roles such as the Deep Lying Playmaker and the Roaming Playmaker are essential. The guide also underscores the need for customizing tactics to your team’s strengths, using the Team Instructions feature to optimize ball retention.

Training: A Pathway to Team Synchronization

The guide stresses the importance of training in boosting possession. By focusing on areas like Ball Control and Tactical, teams can improve their ball-handling skills and tactical awareness. It also highlights the need for synchronization and understanding between the players to implement possession tactics successfully.

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Mastering possession in Football Manager 2023 involves a mix of strategic formation, role selection, customized tactics, and effective training. KeenGamer’s guide provides a comprehensive approach to understanding and implementing these aspects, helping players gain an edge in their games. As the saying goes, possession is nine-tenths of the law, and in Football Manager 2023, it can indeed be the key to your success. Embrace these insights, master your strategy, and let your team dominate the virtual football world.

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