Ghost of Tsushima: PC Port Teased, Steam Release Ignites Fan Excitement


Ghost of Tsushima, one of PlayStation’s most popular exclusives, could be coming to PC soon. An industry insider, known for reliable game leaks, has sparked intense speculation of a much-anticipated port. As we await official confirmation, here’s everything we’ve gathered so far.

An Inside Scoop: Ghost of Tsushima for PC?

“The Snitch”, a trusted industry insider, recently hinted that Ghost of Tsushima might soon be available on PC. This timely tip-off, dropped on Reddit, predicts a July release for a Sony exclusive on PC. While it’s not explicitly confirmed to be Ghost of Tsushima, the timing and the game’s notable absence from the PC gaming landscape make this a compelling possibility.

Sony’s Slow March Towards PC Porting

Sony has been slowly shifting its exclusives to PC. Games such as Days Gone, Horizon: Zero Dawn, God of War, and most recently, The Last of Us have already made their way to Steam. This strategic move could be a sign of Sony acknowledging the growing PC gaming market, and Ghost of Tsushima might just be the next in line.

Evidence from Past Precedents

Hints of a Ghost of Tsushima PC port have been in the air for a while. Notably, the infamous Nvidia leak included the game in its list of unannounced titles, enhancing credibility to this claim. In another significant move, Amazon’s boxart for the game now lacks the “Only on PlayStation” label, a pattern observed earlier with PC ports for Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone.

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Sony’s Perspective on PlayStation to PC Transitions

Sony’s intention to bring more PlayStation exclusives to PC has been apparent. A statement from the company highlighted the opportunity to expose their high-quality games to a wider audience, recognizing the intricate economics of game development.

In conclusion, while we await the official announcement, all signs point towards a Ghost of Tsushima PC port in the near future. Keep your fingers crossed, and your Steam accounts ready!

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