Microsoft Reveals Grand Plans for Spectacular Xbox and Starfield Showcase featuring A-List Lineup


and Starfield fans are bracing themselves for an upcoming thrilling spectacle. Microsoft is preparing to deliver an immersive, behind-the-scenes exploration of Bethesda Game Studios’ futuristic role-playing game, Starfield. Expect a jam-packed schedule filled with gameplay, developer interviews, and exclusive insights on June 11th.

By Jack Miller

An Exciting Kick-off to the Gaming Summer

Microsoft recently revealed that the much-awaited Xbox Games Showcase is set to commence at 10 am PT/1 pm ET on June 11. Following the showcase, gaming enthusiasts will be treated to an immersive deep-dive into Starfield, the much-hyped sci-fi RPG developed by Bethesda Game Studios.

Immersive Exploration into Starfield

The game’s deep-dive will allow fans to explore the Starfield universe in depth. Microsoft and Bethesda have ensured that this standalone event will have ample time to venture into the heart of this futuristic game, providing a wealth of gameplay, insider information, and developer interviews.

The Timing Puzzle, Solved

Although Microsoft had confirmed back in March that both events would take place on June 11, the exact kick-off time for Starfield Direct was not disclosed until recently. This continuous event, which some viewers see as their main priority, promises to be an exciting journey.

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Starfield Enthusiasts, Brace Yourselves

Starfield followers are in for a treat as Microsoft confirmed the stream will be packed with engaging content. The event invites fans inside Bethesda Game Studios for a comprehensive look at Starfield, with an avalanche of new gameplay and behind-the-scenes insights.

Eyes on the Screen, Where to Stream?

Excited about what 10 am PT means for your local time? A handy converter will help fans around the world sync their clocks with the event.

Extended Showcases, FanFests and More

In addition to the main events, Microsoft announced an extended Xbox Games Showcase scheduled for June 13, along with the return of online and in-person FanFest events this year. For registration and more information, fans are directed to the Xbox website.

PC Gaming Show, The Curtain Raiser for Starfield

Also, on June 11, PC Gaming Show returns with Sean “Day9” Plott hosting the show, focused on the PC gaming platform. The exact start time will be announced soon. Following this, the Starfield Direct will take over, promising a thrilling gaming weekend for fans around the globe.

In conclusion, the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase and Starfield Direct promise to be a massive gaming fiesta. It will offer an insightful look into the future of gaming, and fans worldwide are eagerly anticipating these exciting events.

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