New and Exciting: Bad Brain Game Studios Emerges as a Promising Contender in Canada’s Gaming Industry


Unveiling Bad Brain Game Studios, Canada’s latest gem in the gaming industry, set to reshape interactive gaming experiences and foster creativity on a global platform.

Heading Towards a Story-Driven Gaming Future

NetEase Games, a renowned name in the gaming world, has raised the curtain on its latest venture, Bad Brain Game Studios, headquartered in Canada. The new game studio, featuring offices in Toronto, Ontario, and Montreal, Quebec, is currently on a hiring spree, seeking talent for various roles, promising a blend of remote and in-office working options.

An Ambitious Project in the Pipeline

At the heart of Bad Brain Game Studios lies a novel, yet ambitious franchise in development: a narrative-driven, action-adventure game powered by the highly-advanced Unreal Engine 5. The open-world, multi-platform game promises a riveting blend of ’80s-inspired adventure and horror, aiming to create unforgettable interactive entertainment experiences.

Helmed by Industry Veteran Sean Crooks

Leading Bad Brain Game Studios is none other than Sean Crooks, a seasoned producer recognized for his remarkable work on franchises like Watch Dogs and Driver: San Francisco. Alongside Crooks is a committed team of veteran developers, acclaimed for their contributions to successful titles such as Far Cry 2, Just Dance, and Army of Two, among others.

A Gateway for Canadian Talent

The establishment of Bad Brain Game Studios underlines NetEase Games’ ongoing commitment to fostering the Canadian gaming industry and the immense talent it holds. The company remains steadfast in providing the necessary support for Canadian creators to develop top-tier interactive gaming experiences for a worldwide audience.

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Bad Brain Game Studios truly marks a new chapter in the evolution of the gaming industry in Canada. Eager to cultivate a culture of excellence, respect, and creativity, the studio welcomes passionate developers ready to embark on this thrilling adventure. The choice of a hybrid work environment underpins the studio’s commitment to flexibility and adaptability in the modern work culture. Here’s to a that captivate and inspire, from Canada to the world.

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