Partnership Between AirConsole and Team17 Brings Exciting Gaming Experience to Car Travel

AirConsole and Team17 are combining their expertise to bring an unforgettable in-car gaming experience to users worldwide. This unprecedented partnership between a cloud-based video game console and a global games label aims to redefine in-car entertainment. The collaboration promises to deliver an immersive gaming experience, enhancing the joy of travel.

A New Era of In-Car Entertainment

In a bid to transform how passengers spend their time during travel, AirConsole and Team17 have partnered to offer a cloud-based in-car gaming experience. This innovative venture seeks to capitalize on the increasing demand for on-the-go entertainment solutions, marking a significant stride in the realm of in-car entertainment.

AirConsole’s Cloud-Based Console

AirConsole, a renowned name in the world of cloud gaming, offers a platform where your smartphone turns into a game controller, and your browser becomes a console. This innovative technology means passengers can enjoy their favorite games without the need for additional gaming hardware. The partnership with Team17 promises to bring a wide variety of high-quality games to the in-car gaming experience.

Team17’s Rich Gaming Portfolio

Team17, a global games label, brings a rich portfolio of over 100 games to this partnership. Known for successful franchises such as Worms, Overcooked, and The Escapists, Team17’s contributions will significantly boost the gaming options available for in-car gamers. The diversity and quality of Team17’s portfolio will ensure a fulfilling and entertaining gaming experience for all ages and interests.

Enhancing the Passenger Experience

, this in-car gaming initiative aims to elevate the entire passenger experience. By offering a wide range of games, passengers can engage in interactive entertainment, turning what could be mundane travel time into an enjoyable gaming session. Moreover, the technology doesn’t require additional hardware, making it an easily accessible form of entertainment.

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The collaboration between AirConsole and Team17 ushers in a new era of in-car entertainment, marrying technology and convenience to enhance the travel experience. With the promise of diverse and quality gaming at the passengers’ fingertips, this innovative venture may well be the future of in-car entertainment. The world of travel is set to become more enjoyable and immersive as passengers take control not just of a vehicle’s destination, but of their entertainment journey as well.

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