Preparing for Season 11: Rocket League Gears Up with v2.28, Signifying a New Era

Rocket League fans worldwide are preparing for an exhilarating new season with the launch of Season 11 and Rocket League v2.28. Players can expect exciting updates and enhancements that will elevate their gaming experience.

New Content Unleashed

v2.28 introduces the highly anticipated “Estadio Vida” Arena, available for private games, training, and free play. Additionally, the Rocket League Radio now features an “Esports” playlist, including tracks from RLCS.

Changes and Updates Galore

v2.28 brings transparent goalposts as a default setting, clearing players’ views when close to or on the wall. Players will also receive “Item-Shop Notifications” for new items in the shop.

Revamping for Improved Gaming

v2.28 resolves cosmetic bugs affecting stickers, car bodies, and wheels. Optimizations have been made to Sovereign Heights and Deadeye Canyon.

Tackling Technical Bugs

Technical bugs causing freezing on the welcome screen and missing rooftop ornaments have been fixed. The Palm Tree ornament now appears in players’ inventories.

Rocket League v2.28 sets the stage for an electrifying new season, ensuring an engaging and seamless gaming experience for both fans and newcomers. Let the games begin!

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