Project Sirius: The Witcher Multiplayer Game Bounces Back Following Staff Reductions


he Witcher multiplayer game, known as Project Sirius, picks up the pace after recent layoffs. CD Projekt RED (CDPR) has breathed new life into the project, reassessing its commercial viability, and reimagining its development framework. With fans awaiting a triumphant return, the project continues to make headlines.

“Project Sirius: The Witcher’s New Era”

Eight years after the release of “The Witcher III: The Wild Hunt”, CDPR is back to the fantasy saga. The , one of which is Project Sirius, targeting a wider audience.

“Development Hurdles and the New Framework”

Project Sirius faced challenges recently, prompting a re-evaluation of its commercial prospects by CDPR. Thankfully, rather than leading to cancellation, this assessment has resulted in a positive shift. The development team at Molasses Flood is now moving forward with a new project framework.

“Layoffs and the Impact on the Project”

Unfortunately, the transition to the new development framework came with significant layoffs. About 29 employees, both in the US and Poland, were affected. This presents a significant challenge for the studio, which Gamesradar estimates has only a few dozen employees in total.

“Looking Forward: The Witcher’s Exciting Future”

Despite the disappointment surrounding the Project Sirius situation, CDPR is still working on two other Witcher projects. The industry holds potential for exciting developments, which fans and gamers alike should watch out for.

*Conclusion*: CDPR’s dedication to re-energizing the Witcher multiplayer game is a testament to their commitment to fans. Even after encountering setbacks, the developer is still on track with Project Sirius, signaling promising future prospects for the Witcher franchise.

Update at 3:08 - 31/07/2023
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