Reasons Why Arc Raiders has Evolved into an Exciting PVPVE Survival Extraction Shooter


The forthcoming co-op shooter Arc Raiders, previously purely PVE, now brings a new twist. Embark Studios revealed an exciting shift in their blueprint – the inclusion of PVPVE survival extraction shooter gameplay.

Author: Owen Gower

A Radical Reimagining of Arc Raiders

The Arc Raiders gaming landscape is undergoing a metamorphosis. Instead of sticking to the traditional PVE scenario, the developers are pulling a 180 and introducing a PVPVE survival extraction shooter approach.

Taking Advantage of Extra Development Time

Arc Raiders’ delay, while a disappointment, provided an unexpected opportunity. Embark Studios harnessed the additional time to incorporate PVP elements, an ingenious move that has led to a full transition into extraction shooter territory.

Extract or Perish in the Battle for Loot

The extraction shooter model, gaining popularity with games like Escape From Tarkov, is the new heartbeat of Arc Raiders. Team up, scrounge for loot, strategize with or against other players, and remember – survival is everything. Fail, and your hard-earned loot evaporates.

Capitalizing on an Emerging Genre Trend

Given lukewarm reactions towards co-op and looting games lately, Arc Raiders’ pivot towards extraction shooters, a genre enjoying an upward trend, is a strategic maneuver designed to ride the wave of .


While it’s still early days for Arc Raiders, with alpha tests being conducted in strict confidentiality, this game has all the makings of an innovative forerunner in the extraction shooter realm. Be prepared for an adrenaline-pumping survival battle where looting becomes a high-stakes game of strategy and wit.

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