Sony Accelerates Focus on Multiplayer and PC Ports: Upgrading the Game


Sony plans to ramp up their investment in multiplayer titles for PlayStation, with PC ports also taking a more prominent role in their strategy.

The Rise of Live-Service Games

According to a recent financial presentation, the Japanese tech giant Sony plans to significantly increase its investment in what are termed “live-service games.” These multiplayer games, constantly refreshed with new content and sustained via microtransactions, aim for long-term revenue generation.

In fiscal year 2019, Sony reportedly allocated 12% of its investment in such live-service games. However, by fiscal year 2025, this proportion is expected to soar to a whopping 60%.

Single Player Games: Not Left Behind

This shift in strategy does not necessarily mean Sony will reduce investment in single-player titles, a category for which it is primarily known. During their presentation, Sony did not specify total investment amounts.

Acquisitions Signal Changing Priorities

Recent studio acquisitions further indicate Sony’s growing interest in live-service games. The company recently purchased Bungie, the developer of “Destiny 2,” one of the most successful live-service games on the market. Additionally, young development studios Haven and Firewalk are working on similar multiplayer titles.

PC Ports: The Rising Star

For several years, exclusive titles for PC, a market segment that has been generating substantial revenue for the company.

Sony expects that for the fiscal year 2023, 20% of all Sony Studio’s revenues will be generated from PC. The company anticipates earnings of $450 million from PC game sales during this period, a significant leap from the $35 million in fiscal year 2020.

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One of the prominent success stories has been the action game “Spider-Man Remastered”, which sold 1.5 million copies on PC, grossing $52 million. Given these figures, it’s likely that Sony will develop more .

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