Sony Gathers Multiple Studios to Embark on an Extraordinary Venture into Mobile Gaming


Catch the latest in the gaming world: Sony has announced a major stride towards diversifying its PlayStation Studios into the realm of mobile gaming, boasting not just one, but multiple studios actively working on the development of mobile games. This ambitious move signifies Sony’s intent to solidify its presence in the rapidly evolving gaming landscape.

1. A Bold Venture into Mobile Gaming

Sony, the gaming powerhouse, is eagerly expanding its domain into the mobile platform. Several of its internal studios are already developing games for the ecosystem, marking the start of a fresh chapter in Sony’s storied history. The company’s foray into PC back showed promise, and the recent move to bring PS5 games to PCs after a two to three-year delay testifies Sony’s commitment to the platform.

2. Cloud Gaming: The Next Big Thing

Sony’s aggressive is another facet of its multi-pronged growth strategy. CEO Jim Ryan has recognized the growing significance of cloud gaming and portability for today’s gamers, and is set to unveil Sony’s plan for capitalizing on these areas. Sony’s strategic focus is clear: to enhance its offerings and stay ahead in the gaming race.

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3. Mobilizing Popular Properties

Sony’s mobile strategy entails porting some of its most loved franchises to the portable platform. “Multiple internal studios are working on mobile games,” Sony announced, with Savage Game Studios being the specific mention. Sony’s interests don’t stop at development – the company is also open to partnering with external studios and eyeing potential acquisitions.

4. Projected Growth in the Mobile Gaming Portfolio

Sony projects that mobile games will constitute about 5% of its portfolio in 2023, aiming to double that by 2025. The company’s acquisition of Savage Game Studios and its decision to venture into mobile gaming further cements this growth path. We can expect some exciting mobile game announcements soon.

5. Sony’s Project Q: A Step Toward Portable Gaming

As part of its mobile gaming push, Sony recently unveiled its Project Q handheld gaming device. While it primarily serves to stream PS5 games via Remote Play, the device boasts an 8-inch HD screen and features akin to the PS5’s DualSense controller. Eager fans now eagerly anticipate more news about the device.

Sony’s foray into the mobile gaming arena signals a promising future. Keep an eye out for upcoming announcements and releases – the future of gaming is here, and it’s more mobile than ever.

Owen Gower is a renowned gaming journalist with extensive experience in the industry. His insights and secret insider tips are based on years of studying the industry and its trends.

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