Sony’s Exclusive Agreement Prevents Square Enix from Collaborating with Xbox

Are you a Final Fantasy fan? Better stick to PlayStation, because Sony has reportedly signed an exclusion agreement with Square Enix, effectively banning collaboration with Microsoft and Xbox for games like Final Fantasy 16. Let’s dive into the details.


  • Sony has signed a contractual exclusion agreement with Square Enix.
  • This agreement prevents collaboration with Microsoft and Xbox for games like 16.
  • Expert Florian Müller suggests Sony’s business practices could face scrutiny.
  • GamesRadar+ uncovers documents detailing the exclusion agreement.
  • Xbox players shouldn’t expect Final Fantasy 16 on their platform.

💼 The Exclusion Agreement: Square Enix and Sony

As an experienced gaming journalist, I, Jack Miller, have some insights to share on this controversial topic. According to GamesRadar+, they’ve discovered documents from the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) a contractual exclusion agreement between Sony and Square Enix. The agreement specifically targets titles like the upcoming Final Fantasy 16.

🚫 No Xbox Collaboration for Square Enix

These so-called “3rd-Party-Deals” have Sony taking a hard line, prohibiting Square Enix from collaborating with Xbox and releasing games for the platform. The GamesRadar+ article quotes, “No, players should not expect Final Fantasy 16 to appear on Xbox Series X/S or Xbox One.This agreement aims to ensure Square Enix won’t release games like Final Fantasy 16 for Xbox or collaborate with Microsoft.

🎯 Sony’s Market Leadership Could Face Scrutiny

Florian Müller from Fosspatens has weighed in on the issue, stating that considering Sony’s market leadership, these business practices might face scrutiny sooner or later. Sony’s exclusive first-party games, like The Last of Us, Ghosts of Tsushima, God of War, and Spiderman, are some of the best-selling games in Europe and worldwide. However, the exclusion agreements with third-party developers like Square Enix raise questions about fair competition in the gaming industry.

So, fellow gamers, it looks like PlayStation will remain the home of the Final Fantasy series for the foreseeable future. As an insider in the gaming world, I’ll keep you updated on any further developments on this front.

Update at 3:08 - 31/07/2023
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