Spot the Joke: Steam’s Hilarious Free Offering Sparks Laughter


Fuel up your weekend with a fresh load of free games from Steam. This week, everyone’s raving about the same punchline. Let’s dive into the fun!

More than Games – It’s a Comedy Club

Steam is always bursting with surprises. This week, it not only delivered an exciting line-up of freebies but also sparked a massive wave of humor that has the whole gaming community in stitches.

“Payday 2” for Free: Just the Beginning

The roster kicked off with a bang as “Payday 2” became available to fans, free of charge. Perfectly timed with the announcement of “Payday 3,” it’s an opportune moment to catch up on the high-adrenaline heist action.

The Anticipated Soulslike: “Lies of P”

“Lies of P,” one of the most awaited releases of 2023, offered gamers a free, playable demo ahead of its official release. Set in the captivating Belle Epoque era, this soulslike game gives a thrilling spin to the tale of Pinocchio.

The Unexpected Humor: “Tell Me Why”

Next on the world. Why? Well, to put it in song terms, ‘ain’t nothing but a heartache.’ Yes, fans had a field day on Reddit, creating an entire thread singing the classic Backstreet Boys hit.

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But beneath the humor, “Tell Me Why” is a gem of a game. This episodic adventure, developed by DONTNOD Entertainment and published by Xbox Game Studios, reveals the intimate mystery of reunited twins Tyler and Alyson Ronan using their supernatural bond to unravel their troubled past. A treat for “Life is Strange” fans, the game is set in the picturesque small-town Alaska, with a gripping narrative that depends on your choices.

Grab it Now, It’s Free!

All jokes aside, this is an irresistible offer from Steam, valid till July 1, 2023. PC owners, don’t miss this chance to add this intriguing game to your collection for free. Remember, a good laugh and a long game, these are the two best cures for anything!

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