Surprising Additions in Darktide: Expanded Missions, Exciting Cosmetics, and Crossplay Coming?


The thrilling and beloved Warhammer 40,000: Darktide is set to embark on another grand adventure. A compelling content update, laden with new missions and enticing rewards, is on the horizon. There’s even a whisper of a potential crossplay feature.

New Missions on the Horizon

The exciting news was dropped recently: an enticing Darktide content update is slated for the following week. The update, termed ‘Rejects Unite’, will add two thrilling missions to the game’s roster. Players will find themselves raiding archives and offices in Archivum Sycorax – Throneside and pilfering crystals from Ascension Riser 31 – Transit.

Meet the Chaos Spawn 

Players will confront a fresh menace, the Chaos Spawn, a grotesque creature of meat and tentacles. Developers Fatshark have modified the Chaos Spawn from Vermintide 2 to fit Darktide’s environment, giving it new attack animations and abilities. 

Aesthetic Rewards Await 

There’s more to anticipate in the form of new cosmetics. The game is introducing new earnable cosmetics that players can show off. Fatshark is also resuming the release of premium cosmetics, which players can purchase from the in-game shop. 

Possible Crossplay Functionality

The most intriguing part of this update might be the potential cross-store multiplayer between Steam and Windows Store. This would allow players on different platforms to enjoy the game together. However, this feature’s actual implementation is not clear. 

Concluding Thoughts

“Rejects Unite” might be Darktide’s chance to address some community concerns and provide an even more engaging experience. Juan Martinez, the executive producer, has expressed pride in the team’s achievements and assured that more exciting updates are coming soon. However, some players still yearn for changes in the game’s gear and crafting systems.

It’s undeniable that Darktide remains a fun and captivating co-op game. The potential addition of crossplay could open the doors to even more community interaction. All eyes are now on this forthcoming update, waiting to see what it truly brings to the grimdark universe of Warhammer 40,000.

Update at 3:08 - 31/07/2023
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