The Ultimate Guide to Pokémon Go’s Crypto Shards and Redeemed Gems


As part of the continued excitement of Pokémon Go, a new feature involving Crypto Shards and Redeemed Gems has been introduced to the game. This unique component enhances the gaming experience and introduces an added layer of strategy. Pokémon Go trainers can now explore the game with a new objective in mind – obtaining and utilizing these new items effectively.

Understanding Crypto Shards and Redeemed Gems

Pokémon Go’s new feature, Crypto Shards and Redeemed Gems, are valuable in-game items that can be used in various ways. Crypto Shards are collected by players and can be redeemed for Gems, which in turn can be used to unlock special events and gain other exciting rewards. This new addition encourages more active gameplay, as the acquisition of these items is tied to player activity.

How to Obtain Crypto Shards

Crypto Shards are obtained by participating in Team GO Rocket battles. Winning these battles will reward trainers with Crypto Shards, adding a new incentive to engage in these challenging combats. The more battles players participate in, the more Crypto Shards they can accumulate, thus encouraging continuous play and competition.

Redeeming Gems for Rewards

Once players have collected enough Crypto Shards, they can redeem them for Gems. These Gems can then be used to gain access to special events or exchanged for unique rewards. The exact details of what can be obtained with the Gems will vary based on the ongoing events and features in the game.

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An Additional Layer of Strategy

The introduction of Crypto Shards and Redeemed Gems adds an additional layer of strategy to Pokémon Go. Players must now consider when to use their Gems for maximum benefit and how to balance their time between hunting Pokémon, participating in Team GO Rocket battles, and other game activities.

The addition of Crypto Shards and Redeemed Gems in Pokémon Go has added an exciting new dimension to the game. Players are given new goals, rewards, and strategies to consider, making the game even more engaging. Whether you are a seasoned trainer or a newcomer, these new features are sure to provide an interesting twist to your Pokémon Go journey.

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