Unveiling the Hidden Joys and Frustrations of Gaming Experience: Clash: Artifacts of Chaos

Brace yourself for an immersive journey into the fascinating world of “Clash: Artifacts of Chaos” on PlayStation 5. This thrilling RPG game not only engages the player with its stunning visuals but also piques curiosity with its unique character transformations and combat systems. Yet, the journey is not without its bumps, as minor hiccups may hinder your adventure in Zenozoik.

Unraveling The Chaos In Artifacts

In the game, players don the persona of Pseudo, an unconventional character residing in Zenozoik. Pseudo’s life takes an exciting turn when he encounters a mysterious, owl-like creature possessing strange powers. Pseudo takes it upon himself to shield this unique creature from those who seek to harness its abilities for their gains.

The Charm And Challenge Of Visuals

Drawing parallels with the popular “Borderlands,” “Clash: Artifacts of Chaos” promises a visual treat with its modern cel shading style. However, while the graphics are impeccable and the detailed landscapes captivating, the game does struggle with graphic stability. When the action amplifies, FPS tends to drop to 30, which can be visibly disruptive for players.

Combat Mechanics: Simple, Yet Intriguing

The combat system is straightforward yet engaging, with two types of attacks – basic and strong. There’s a joyous thrill to one-on-one battles. However, when multiple enemies come into play, things can get a tad uncomfortable, especially due to the fidgety targeting system.

An RPG Journey with a Twist

“Clash: Artifacts of Chaos” infuses RPG elements as Pseudo levels up, utilizing weapons and armors with unique damage levels and upgrades. There’s a decent variety of melee weapons, each serving a particular purpose.

The Game of Day and Night

The game features an intriguing twist with Pseudo morphing into a rocky form at night, enabling him to traverse areas inaccessible in his natural form. Interestingly, the number and type of enemies also fluctuate based on the time of day, adding a unique flavor to the gaming experience.

The Final Verdict

While “Clash: Artifacts of Chaos” is undoubtedly an entertaining and lengthy gaming experience, it leaves the aftertaste of untapped potential. With a few improvements, this could have been a standout game of 2023. Nevertheless, it’s certainly a journey worth embarking on, despite its flaws.

Update at 3:08 - 31/07/2023
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