Will Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset Transform Gaming as We Know It?


Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset, an eagerly anticipated product, could soon be a game changer in the field of virtual reality (VR) gaming. According to a recent Bloomberg report, Phil Schiller, Apple’s App Store chief, is championing the inclusion of gaming capabilities in the headset. The device’s announcement, expected on June 5 at the company’s annual developer conference (WWDC), could bring forth new, exciting gaming possibilities.

Phil Schiller: The Catalyst for Gaming Content

Phil Schiller, a long-standing executive at Apple since 1997 and currently responsible for the App Store and Apple Events, is component in the headset, according to Bloomberg. Known to have a VR racing simulator at home, Schiller has been advocating for robust gaming content, especially from third-party apps.

Contradictory Reports on Apple’s Gaming Focus

There has been conflicting information on how much Apple will emphasize gaming in this product. Some reports suggest a strong gaming focus, while others indicate that gaming will play a minor role.

Apple’s Innovative Approach: Hand-Tracking Over VR Controllers

Despite the ambiguity, reports concur that the headset will not come with dedicated VR controllers, instead relying mainly on hand-tracking for interaction. This feature is unique in the VR gaming landscape, where most games necessitate the use of VR controllers.

The Big Question: What Games Will Apple Launch?

What has planned for the launch remains a mystery. Skepticism about the gaming component arises from rumors that the mixed reality headset may not support standard gaming development environments such as Unity and Unreal Engine.


The Apple Mixed Reality Headset could bring a seismic shift to the world of VR gaming. While there is some skepticism and contradictions abound, Apple’s history of innovative product launches has us anticipating a potential game-changer. The unveiling at WWDC in a few weeks will ultimately reveal the truth.

Update at 3:08 - 31/07/2023
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